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The Deal Exchange

Private equity deals occur when an investment deal takes place with capital that is not listed on a public exchange. Typically, private equity funds or investors invest in undervalued private entities and revamp them prior to becoming public companies.

*** Our goal is to provide exclusive deal flow to our network of investment funds. ***


Open Communication

In our experience, honest communication is a key tenet of investment and business success. We believe in proactive, consistent and frank dialog in all phases of the relationship.

Partnering with Management

We view each investment as a true partnership with our portfolio company leadership teams. Success comes from collaboration, mutual respect and setting clear objectives.

Intellectual Curiosity

We are more than just a source of capital. We are genuinely interested in learning the dynamics of each business we support and in developing the deep understanding that underpins all successful strategies.

Long Term View

We have a long-term investment horizon. We support decisions, strategies and investments to build a business for sustained success that extends far beyond our involvement.

Who We Are

Private Equity Deals are information-dense which typically forces the opportunity to be a unpredictable process.

As deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, our goal is to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals through our exclusive network.

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Why We Are Different



We are a Privileged Business Opportunity Network. Meaning when deals are sourced you get exclusive access to the deals that align with your fund.



We value doing the right thing no matter what! With deal size getting bigger and more complex, it is important for all parties at the table to value integrity.



Through our industry experts and partners we have access to industry trends before they become main stream. Allowing us to take advantage of future plays, TODAY.



Communication, collaboration and performance. We are an experienced group that makes decisions as a team based on data and results. Our culture is defined on success.

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We look to partner with market leaders with defensible positions and strong customer relationships. We seek businesses whose core strengths and opportunities align with our expertise and experience. In short, we look to invest in companies that we are uniquely positioned to help.


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Highly Qualified Team


Rod Crandall

Founder & President

After working collaboratively with hundreds of Professional Services Advisors the past 20 years, Rod has refined the process by which one can appropriately serve their clients by bringing them the resources needed for success from our shared Networks. What this means is he has a thorough understanding of how to effectively collaborate with other professionals and centers of influence to better serve our clients and drive more revenue to our companies and practices.

Clients and Advisors choose to work with Rod because he follows the Platinum Rule in everything he does: “To the extent I can understand and meet your needs, mine will be fulfilled.”

In addition to founding the Deal Exchange Group, Rod currently belongs to a Professional Resource Group called the Business Succession Planning Brain Trust, which he founded in 2013. He also serves on the board of Heart and Soul Fund and supports Big Brothers / Big Sisters of McHenry County

MB Outside Headshot

Mark Brodson

Business Development

Mark Brodson is a commercial real estate broker and the owner of Resource Commercial Advisors based in Northbrook, IL.  He specializes in the sale of private, off-market assets including medical office properties, industrial buildings and single tenant, net leased retail assets.  Mark believes that there is a strong tie between commercial real estate and private equity.  The vast majority of private equity transactions require back-end real estate work including asset acquisition, expansion, disposition or sale and lease backs. As such, Mark utilizes his deep real estate connections with company and property owners to source high quality acquisition opportunities for private equity groups.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys playing golf, traveling and spending time with his wife and three children.


Waldon Fenster

Marketing & Technology

Serial business builder, Waldon Fenster is a small business expert and corporate acquisition consultant with an expertise in facilitating brand growth for businesses and startups that want to present their company to the marketplace. As Founder and President of Venture Studio, Waldon has worked with nearly a thousand companies and brands to expand their business models and amplify their portfolios for immediate financial benefit.

Waldon’s expertise ranges from business development, entrepreneurship, corporate growth tactics and brand strategy. Through his savvy and top level work, Waldon is able to build small businesses and emerging startups from the ground up, to make them attractive to outside investments and acquisitions on a global scale. It is his commitment to the entrepreneurial landscape and desire to educate business owners on the growth potential of their brands, that continue to motivate this innovative corporate leader.

Outside of business, Waldon is happily married for 7+ years with 3 children. As a family they enjoy serving the community and traveling the world.


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